To improve my techniques in drawing and painting I participate in different types of painting courses. I love te learn new things and keep evolving.
Below you can read about my experiences.

2 months Course at Center for Living Buddhist Art,  Dharamshala India 2017.
I went to India to learn more about the gods and goddesses in hindu- and buddhist art. At the artcenter I have been teached how to draw and ink the deities as in traditional Tibettan buddhist art. An amazing experience that brought me closer to myself and my art. I fell in love with Thangka painting, this will be continued…
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Dream Icons painting workshop Veerle Belgium 2017
I went to a 3 day course “Dream Icon” in the ‘Mische-technique’ in Veerle Belgium. This is an old way of painting with egg tempera and glaces of oil paint.
In this technique you paint the lightest parts in a picture with white egg tempera and glace colour and depth with oil paint. Every strike on the wood with your brush is made with a lot of attention and devotion. It was amazing to experience how focused I was working on my own devine painting and to be a part of the in the group energy.