I  like working together with other people, finding new connections, inspiration and insights. Below you can find some art projects that I have worked on.

2 months Course at Center for Living Buddhist Art,  Dharamshala India 2017.
I went to India to learn more about the gods and goddesses in hindu- and buddhist art. At the artcenter I have been teached how to draw and ink the deities as in traditional buddhist art. An amazing experience that brought me closer to myself and my art. I fell in love with Thangka painting, this will be continued…
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Project “Dwaalhert” 2016.
In the city center of Tilburg named ‘the wander area’ I was asked to draw the head of a “wanderdeer” on 21 shop windows for Christmas time. This gave the area of the city a recognizable symbol. Below you can see a small presentation.


Project “Het Noordse Vuur” 2014.
IMC Weekendschool in Tilburg Noord is a sunday school for motivated children who live in social-economic suburbs. These children have an extra day at school on sunday for learning more about different artforms from enthousiastic professionals. I was asked by Factorium for Performingarts Tilburg to make the scenery for a theater performance. Working together with 60 children we designed and made our own coats of arms. These were painted on banners for the big show. Below are a few pictures…


Project De Zwollemoer 2015.
Revealing of the new logo, which I designed for this group of people who created a biological garden in Drunen.


Workshop Mandala drawing for beginners at Spiritueel Centrum Jasmijn Tilburg 2015/2016.


Project “verlichting uit de natuur” 2014.
Making a wall lighting at FABLAB013 with the use of a lasercutter and LED-lighting.


Cultural exchange project between Mexico-Nederland 2010.
The purpose of this exchange was to notice the cultural differences between us artists and our way of working with art. This was to strengthen and understand the way of working together in a dynamic program. In February 2010 I traveled to Mexico- Veracruz with 8 other artists from the Netherlands. We were received with open arms by the local artist collective Mucar and IVEC (Instituto Veracruzano de la Cultural). Together we gave two exhibitions demonstrating our own art. The art that was made in Mexico along with the art we made in the Netherlands. This was displayed at Casa de la Cultura Atarazanas, which is the cultural center of Veracruz. Filled with enthusiasm and inspiration we came back three weeks later to the Netherlands. In July 2010 we welcomed 10 Mexican artists from the Mucar to show them our culture. During their stay we made new artpieces together and exhibited them in Uden and Ede.