About Sandrart

-Awaken the devine in yourself and in everyone you meet in your life-

My path leads to more connection within myself and my surroundings.

My story

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design I made various comissions for motorcycles, cars & musical instruments. My art was always made with passion but I felt there was a lack of intimacy with the commisions I was making so, I began searching for what really inspired me.
 During my search for the correct way to translate my inner feelings to a visual language, I found that by making spiritual paintings of Gods and Goddesses it became more clear to me where my passion truly lay. Creating these types of paintings helps me feel the love and light that flows within myself. Now that I have discovered what my passion is, I like to inspire people with my art.

By making a variety of commisions in the past I have become more specialised with various application techniques such as drawing, painting, spraying and printing. Combining all these skills allows me to make a personal and special painting that is specific to you which can be applied not just limited to a canvas.

Are you looking for something to brighten up your home or working environment? If so, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I can help you by creating a suitable mural, painting or drawing.

I wish you lots of love & happiness
Warm regards ♥ Sandra Leenhouwers