Je bekijkt nu Arrived @ Center of Living Buddhist Art in India
Center of Living buddhist Art Dharamshala, Kandi, India

Arrived @ Center of Living Buddhist Art in India

I have been planning and looking forward to this moment all year 😀

Here I am, in northern India to learn more about buddhist art and thangka painting. In this center for living buddhist art they are going to teach me the traditional way of drawing and painting buddhist en hindu deities. For the next two months I will learn how to create and get more information about the spiritual practise of devine beings following the north Indian and Tibetan traditions. This artschool is highly recommended for its quality and professional teachings in Buddhist art and Thangka paintings.

When I arrived last thursday, I started with sketching the face of Buddha Sakyamuni to get acquainted with his shape.
Buddha Sakyamuni is the historical Buddha and the initiator of Buddhism. He was born 563 B.C. and given the name Sakyamuni after his birthplace. His teachings of Buddhism where about how to seek peace and happiness, wisdom and discovering truth in one’s own religion.

In creating the deities we work with a grid. This is very important in the process of drawing and sketching as there are a large number of deities with all their own network of lines (grid). By using the grid every detail of the deity can be mastered.

I have been working on my drawing skills for the last week and will be for the next weeks to come. Below you can find pictures of the Buddha drawings I made till today. Keep in mind that each drawing is made with precision and concentration for at least 12 hours each. This might give you an idea how meditative this work can be.