Je bekijkt nu Inspiration is all around me
Visiting the Dalai Lama temple in McLoadGanji

Inspiration is all around me

Being at the Center for Living Buddhist art it is not all about creating art yourself every day. It is also very good to feed the mind, body and soul with inspiration from other places like temples, nature, books and good food.

I want to show you more about where I have been living for the last four weeks and what places give me the happy and joyfull feeling of inspiration.

One of the most special events I have experienced was the day the Dalai Lama, his holiness, gave his teachings at his temple. The whole area was crowded with different kind of monks, Buddhist people and visitors who wanted to listen and experience his presence. His holiness gave a public teaching about Buddhism for almost two hours. This gathering was a unique opportunity for me to get to know the Buddhist way of prayers and chanting, it became an experience with true feelings of bliss.

I am so amazed of the colorfull and detailled artwork there is in all the places I visited. The best quality craftmanship and so many vibrant colors it gives my body,  mind and soul shivers of joy. The beauty of these places is hard to explain in words because it is seen with all senses. You can feel the awareness and presence these places have by doing rituals and prayers over a long period of time.

What a great feeling to be inspired! ♡