Je bekijkt nu My encounter with the Buddhist culture goes on

My encounter with the Buddhist culture goes on

Living at the Center for Living Buddhist Art for over 5 weeks, I am getting more acquainted with the Buddhist way of life around here. I have participated teachings of the Dalai Lama, visited monestaries and temples, reading books and articles about different deities and buddhism, introduced to interesting people around the center, taking time to relax and listen to mantra songs, meditate, practise yoga and eating good Tibetan and local Indian food. Next to this lovely program I have been drawing 12 different drawings of deities and currently working on the 13th drawing.

Studens have been coming and going but mostly I have been living with 5 other people at the center. Every time someone leaves or new students arrive the group energy changes. It is interesting how the mind deals with change and new settings in our space of living and working. A perfect way to apply the buddhist thoughts of compassion and contemplate about yourself.

The conversations and teachings of Sarika Singh and master Locho have been eye opening for me. They have shown me their devotion for Buddhist art and especially Thangka painting. I know and feel now that working with the deties is a miraculous process for body, mind and soul. Drawing and painting these deities helps the artist to seek and look within aswell as the observer.

This is said about Thangka painting in the teachings of Sarika Singh and master Locho;
The iconography of the Thangka is rich in information about the spiritual practice of Buddhists. A Thangka can assist a meditator to learn and embody the qualities of a particular deity or to visualize his or her path towards enlightenment. It can bring blessings on the household that posesses a Thangka and serves as a constant reminder of Buddha’s teachings of compassion, kindness and wisdom.

I want to show you some pictures of the surroundings, people I have met, good food and things I have been inspired by in the last  1, 5 week.