Je bekijkt nu Thangka lives in my heart

Thangka lives in my heart

It has been a week already, since I came back from India to my home and loved ones.

I feel so blessed to be able to go on this amazing adventure in India and I feel very grateful for all kind of things;

my boss, for giving me the three months off from work and being very tolerant about it.

My teachers Sarika Singh and Master Locho for teaching me how to be a part of the devine buddhist art and supporting me to get the best and most beautiful out of this sacred art.

Lobsang, manager and the aunties for helping out in all different ways.

The other students at the Center for Living Buddhist Art ( you know who you are 😉 ) they made me feel comfortabel right from the start. We have had lovely caring and inspiring conversations, so much fun and we have seen beautiful things together. Thanks you so much!

people back home for supporting me with love and understanding ♥

and of course myself, for giving myself the opportunity to learn new things, travel and allowing to grow in my art and as a spiritual being.

I have met amazing and beautiful people and great, almost indescribable experiences that maintain a place in my heart.

Thangka painting is an artform far beyond the activity of painting and drawing with materials. It brings devine and blissful energy to the painting, the artist and the one who looks upon the devine images.

I fell in love with this artform, Thangka lives in my heart now.
Its difficult to describe the feelings that occur when I look at the devine paintings in the monasteries or the Thangka’s my masters make at the artcenter. The thing I can say; it touches me deeply inside and gives me a warm and loving feeling that brings joy and happiness only looking at these miraculous devine depictures.

I think this says enough about my journey so far…

With love and kindness always in my heart, cant wait to see what this year will bring ^_^